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by | May 29, 2022 | Aayush Bharat For Users, Health Tips & Treatments

Have you wondered how our old monks and saints lived longer and healthier lives? They were aware of the lifestyle hacks!

Let’s understand what is this hack all about. Well, this is about getting your lifestyle straightened up, which means making yourself fit for upward and forward growth!

Early to bed and early to rise, make a man healthy wealthy and wise!

We all have learned this as a child and we also teach the same to our kids but what if we would have given the actual understanding, have we made them experience what a good routine is. Are we ourselves following the good routine? A survey conducted by The MAYO Clinic found out that only 2.7% of Americans actually manage all 4 habits (eating well, exercising, avoiding smoking, and keeping body fat in check).

How do you feel when you start you day?

Your feeling at the beginning of the day is very important, are you feeling lousy and want to throw that alarm clock or are you excited for the day. Imagine and identify yourself, are you the one on the left or you are on the right. If you are on the right side then you are literally on the right side.

Connect with us and we will take you from Left to Right!

Some basic pointers about having the day started and setting the routine are as below, you can obviously AayushBharat for it.

  1. Wake up early
  2. Say a prayer. Be grateful to God, to your parents, to mother earth… Trust me it will bring a good feeling. Give all your worries to almighty and let him guide you through the day.
  3. Clean the face, mouth, and eyes. (You can try Triphala for washing eyes, again speak with the coach or #Ayurveda doctor, there are other eyewashes too which would depend on your body constitution. Do you know what’s yours?)
  4. Drink one or two glasses of room temp water. (It’s not a good idea to start the day with tea or coffee directly into your gut)
  5. Evacuation. Having a good bowel movement is important. Drinking water and then sitting in a squat position on the toilet seat at a fixed time daily can help your body train to do it naturally. Follow the routine. Alternate nostril breathing can also help
  6. Scrape your tongue. At least 7-14 strokes can help stimulate your internal organs, help digestion, and remove dead bacteria. Steel scrape can be used for all body types, however, you should know if you Vata, Pitta, or Kafa, try speaking with a coach to find out what is the right scrape for you.
  7. Clean your teeth.
  8. Gargling.
  9. Chewing sesame seeds, or dry dates, or dry coconut.
  10. Nasal Drops (Nasya). Again there are different Nasya suitable for different body constitutions.
  11. Oil drops in ears. Check your constitution for the right oil.
  12. Apply Oil (Malish or Abhyanga, sunflower oil suits many, but it will depend on your body constitution.
  13. Bathing
  14. Dressing well
  15. Perfumes can be helpful too.
  16. Exercise
  17. Pranayam
  18. Meditate
  19. Breakfast

In most of the points, you would see that we have suggested you consult with a Coach or an Ayurvedic Doctor to figure out what are the most suitable elements that match your body constitution and match with your health goals. If you don’t have a health goal, try setting one now.

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You can search ” Ayurveda Doctor near me ” or you can just download AayushBharat and find the right Doctor along with free coaching for your personal Health Goals. Ayurveda is an Indian Traditional Treatment Practice that has kept our generations healthy.


  1. Vikram

    What is best food for breakfast?

    • AayushBharat Dr

      Dear Vikram,
      Glad you are thinking about the food routine.
      It is suggested to have warm and cooked foods as breakfast items over cold cereal, cold milk and cold juice, all of which are harder on the waking digestive fire.
      Again the best and most suitable breakfast food should be according to your body constitution (Vata / Pitta / Kafa or combinations).
      Vata can try spiced Oat meal, baked sweet potato.
      Pitta can try rice pudding.
      Kafa can try Granola, Fuits.

      Again the best way to find out is to speak with someone and we are here to help. BTW have you joined the community yet!


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