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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused stirring rate morbidity and mortality resulting in the death of over a million individuals to date. The clinical manifestations of the viral disorder, SARS-CoV-2, vary greatly in magnitude, ranging from no to moderate symptoms to rapid development to respiratory illness and failure. Right off the bat in the pandemic, it turned out to be evident that age factor (advanced age-group) is a significant risk factor, just as being gender factor (male/female) along with some comorbidities as one of the puzzling blocks of the COVID-19 pandemic. A portion of the answer lies in our genes, however, it’s impossible that a solitary component is entirely answerable for the progression of serious COVID-19. It’s bound to be a mix of components, which may incorporate hereditary qualities just as age, obesity, gender and different attributes.

The predisposing factors, however, don’t completely clarify why only a few people have no or mild symptoms while others have extreme manifestations. The immunity framework has emerged as a critical key determinant in moulding the result of SARS-CoV-2 disease. Regardless of whether the genetic constitution ends up playing a significant or minor part in deciding the reaction to Covid infection, tracking them is significant in light of the fact that they could give pieces of information about the natural pathways engaged with COVID-19 manifestation.

The ideal target vaccine product profile should comprise some key elements which should be consistent with the immunogenic response and have minimal side effects. While Ayurved does not go into great depth about the pure and literary aspects of genetics, it has taken up its applied aspect scientifically under the following heading i.e. concept of Prakriti (body constitution) and its utility in clinical medicine, a genomic concept in the perspective of Tridosha, with outstanding work on eugenic principles to deal with this pandemic. Research into COVID-19 is constantly evolving. COVID-19 vaccination is now getting a way out of this process of the pandemic, in conjunction with an Ayurvedic treatment plan that includes a regular regimen that incorporates ayurvedic herbs and therapies like oil pulling, vashpa swedan (steaming), gargling with herbs and many more.

What is obvious is that herd immunity must be achieved globally by vaccination in order to prevent SARS-CoV-2 from mutating, becoming more resistant to existing vaccinations, and triggering more cycles of mass fatality. 

And along with taking our vaccine dose we all need to practice Ayurveda rituals like 

  • Dinacharya includes; Wake up early in the morning, brushing your teeth, scraping your tongue, rinsing your mouth and drinking hot or warm water. 
  • Practice the Nasal vaccine of Ayurveda or what we call as Nasya, in which we instill 2-3 drops of sesame or mustard oil in each nostril.
  • Try ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom tea, tulsi (holy basil, one or two leaves), or mint, cinnamon, and cardamom tea. 
  • We will not get sick as long as we keep our agni (digestive fire) high. So, Ayurveda has a great way of prevention. This is how we can avoid being infected with coronavirus. Keep your agni high by adhering to your dinacharya. 
  • Keep your agni or digestive fire high by doing the following dincharya or daily regime properly as suggested.
  • Bhastrika, Kapala Bhati, Anuloma Viloma, Brahmari, Ujjayi, Utgeet, and finally Sheetali and Sheetkari are pranayama exercises that can strengthen our immune system including our pranavaha srotas, our respiratory system. 

Fortunately, at the start of 2021, several vaccines received emergency clearance and began to be distributed in countries around the world. The statistics indicate a possible return to ‘normalcy.’ The efficacy of the vaccination means that people who have received the vaccine have a 95 percent lower chance of contracting COVID-19. Without the vaccine, about 1% of the population contract the disease; with the vaccine, this drops to 0.05%. At such low rates, the vaccinations along with Ayurveda management protocol would enable society to return to “normal,” and restrictions will be lifted indefinitely.

Dr Divya Chauhan

Ayurveda Physician | Health Blogger | Wellness Speaker | Ayurveda Motivator

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