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Mandukparni known as Centella Asiatica or Ghotu Kala is a commonly used Ayurvedic Herb. It is one of the most powerful brain tonics. It is a small herbaceous plant that belongs to the parsley family, generally grown in wetlands, marshy areas, or other areas with high humidity. Mandukparni is rich in triterpenoids, compounds that are known for anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antitumor properties.

What are the benefits of Mandukparni?

Some of the Mandukparni or Brahmi benefits include:

  1. Improving cognitive functions
  2. Reducing Anxiety and Stress
  3. Improving Skin Health
  4. Enhancing wound healing
  5. Supporting the immune system
  6. Reducing inflammation
  7. Improving circulation

How should one consume Mandukparni?

Make a juice of the whole plant and give 10-20 ml daily, as prescribed by a qualified Ayurvedacharya

What are the most common disorders in which Mandukparni is helpful?

Mandukparni is highly useful in diseases like ADHD, Epilepsy, Memory problems, speech disorders, Skin disorders, Anaemia, Diabetes, Cough, and Fever.

What are the other herbs that are beneficial for your child’s development?

Mandukparnior Ghotu Kala is is good for your child's mental health, skin, immune system, etc. Juice of the plan can be given as per guidance 10-20ml per day

Ayurveda talks about a gamut of herbs that are beneficial in children’s development, some are essential for immunity while some are essential for cognitive development. There is a complete branch of Ayurveda that focuses on children’s development, it’s called Kaumarbhritya. Some of the most common herbs are Shankhpushpi (Click to read), Brahmi, and Mandukparni, among others.

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