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India’s first complete end to end Ayush focused Tele Health Portal and App.

Almost 40% population todays lives far from their parents and are struggling to establish themselves, knowing not that ignoring their health will result in serious ailments. AayushBharat will be a gateway to healthy lifestyle and a happy future, afterall Health is true Wealth. Empowering Ayush Specialists and Ayush suppliers to cope with the evolving market conditions and continue to add value to the society.

Consultancy | Products | Continued Support towards a healthier lifestyle.

Non-Disclosure Agreement:

By reading this document you agree to the terms of non-disclosure of any of the fact/information about the venture’s concept/idea/method/business mode/market/products/services/ or any other piece of information releated directly/ indirectly with the venture.


Vision: To be a platform that provide seamless access to the world’s largest pool of Ayush Specialists and product suppliers to its users across the world towards a better and healthier lifestyle by means of modern technology and internet. Sitting at your home you can receive consultancy from world’s best Ayush consultant and get the products delivered at your doorstep using your smart phone 24x7.

The world today is now thinking about holistic wellness, which started to surface with increase of acceptance of Yoga. Similar is the case with Ayurveda. Ayurveda(0) dates back to almost prehistoric times which was earlier taught by Indian saints and gurus as a way of life towards a better lifestyle.

As per an article on WebMD(1) which is one of the most trusted portal for healthcare industry, 

Ayurvedic medicine (“Ayurveda” for short) is one of the world's oldest holistic (“whole-body”) healing systems. It was developed more than 3,000 years ago in India.”

Ayurveda, has been an ancient science and has remained so, the modern sciences like allopathy got the spread as the allopathy practitioners were tech friendly which is not the case with Ayurveda specialists, however with technology’s deep penetration and ease of access, it’s the right to empower the Ayush Specialists with the tech. The ecosystem is evolving from traditional Vaidya ji to online Vaidya. Government of India has specially identified the traditional sciences of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy and consolidated them under AYUSH. (2)

We present AayushBharat™

An Indian Platform of

Global AYUSH Specialists and Global AYUSH suppliers

for a healthier life of its users.


AayushBharat™ is dedicated to empower the AYUSH specialists and make it accessible to everyone with a smart phone. Almost 31.7% population of India(3) has smart phone and this is on growing curve, with COVID19, the figures have already crossed the expected numbers.

India ranks 2nd in world with 502m users, China remains at top (851m), however in terms of penetration India is still 19th, which makes it a case of world’s largest smartphone market. Thus, Ayurveda or AYUSH on the whole can make a significant impact on the world’s health if it is successfully and properly implemented to make it accessible.

The COVID19 pandemic has made the world think about holistic wellness, Ayurveda is basically the science of understanding the complete human body’s system and then helping the body to work for itself through herbal or natural supplements. The science dates back to 3000 yrs old when saints in Indian Ashrams used to live for 100s of years practicing meditation in their journey to Nirvana.

As per various reports, the Global Ayurveda Market (5), (6), (7) is somewhere around $6.00B in 2020 and was expected to be $16B by 2026, now with COVID19, the spike has come in advance and the anticipated growth of the sector is higher than anticipated.


With millennials population exceeding 30.5% (8) of the total population, it makes it a good case for the proven market of AYUSH over Internet (or Smart Phone). India’s millennial populations is 36% of the total population which is going to be around 40% by 2026.(9)


This is the right time, with right product/service to the right audience with right market conditions and technology available with AayushBharat™, to be a part of the value system by providing the access of 3000yrs old life concepts to a 30yrs old millennial who is now willing to have a holistic approach towards wellness.


What is AayushBharat?       

AayushBharat™ is launching a web and application platform strictly as per Telemedicine Practice Guidelines by Central Council of Indian Medicine (10), where Ayush Specialists will be onboarded along with Ayush suppliers, thereby ensuring that the users get what they want for their personal aim towards a healthier lifestyle. The user shall be able to view the list of AS, filter them on the basis of their location, experience, expertise, and  select to seek consultancy. The whole consultancy platform is built in line with the guidelines of telehealth, issued by the Govt of India. Once the user has received the consultancy, he/she may purchase the products right from the same portal/app. Sitting at your home you can receive consultancy from world’s best Ayush consultant and get the products delivered at your door.  


Who will be the Consultants on AayushBharat

AayushBharat™ will onboard qualified Ayush Consultants with complete details on experience, and expertise. There are close to 7,88,000 (11) Ayurveda Consultants in India and around 80% of these are actively practicing. AayushBharat will empower these Registered Ayush Specialist or Ayush Specialist or AS to have structured platform where they can interact with patients across the globe, maintain records and offer advice in a systematic way.


What are the modes of consultancy

AayushBharat™  Mode of consultancy:

  • Text Chat
  • Audio Chat
  • Video Chat


What products will be sold on the platform

AayushBharat™  will have the Ayush Products such as but not limited to Herbal food supplements, Ayurveda Products and other herbal/natural products useful for healthier lifestyle. AayushBharat™ will onboard the selected suppliers who are into manufacturing / trading of above products.


AayushBharat™ will also provide its own products which are manufactured at some of the world’s best production houses where quality is the main focus and have high quality certifications such as US FDA, WHO, GMP, among others.


Why AayushBharat

  • AyushBharat is the gateway to complete wellness. In recent years, our lifestyle has been  affected so badly that we are now prone to various ailments such as Diabetes, Gout, etc and we have to learn to live with these till the time these become unmanageable. Ayurveda is the ancient science that deals with the root cause of these ailments. (Jad se mitao)
  • AayushBharat is an end to end platform which will strengthen the conventionally operating industry with modern IT, intuitive tools, and continued support.
  • Users can buy various Ayush products easily on a single platform and get them delivered at their homes.
  • Ayush specialists and speciality stores can be approached easily over web and app interface.
  • Secure and safe system made as per CCIM TM guidelines of and eComm.
  • Provide access to Ayush experts beyond boundaries.
  • Trusted platform for all kinds of Ayush services and products.

Why any Ayush Specialist should onboard

  • Gain access to technology without having to develop for your own.
  • Ability to stretch your practice beyond geographical boundaries.
  • Ability to maintain document/chat history on the platform.
  • Ability to Interact with fellow AS across the globe and evolve with new ecosystem.
  • Platform developed as per the GoI CCIM guidelines.
  • Pre-Launch AS are expected to get maximum traction, although it is dependent on the user to choose their AS of choice.


Why any Ayush Supplier should onboard

  • Gain access to technology without having to develop own. Vendor apps can also be made.
  • Ability to supply the products to a global user base.
  • Gain access to world’s largest Ayush AS.
  • Grow with the platform, as Pre-Launch partners shall get maximum traction, although it is dependent on the user to chose their supplier of choice.
  • Special value added services like product analytics on products/services via subscription-based package.
  • Launch and promote new products.
  • Digital marketing support.

You may be a manufacturer or any authorized seller, we are happy to partner with you and help you increase your reach to millions of users. You can choose an appropriate plan and register yourselves. Our seller partner team will guide you through the process and help you grow.

If you are looking to start your own venture and launch your products, we can give you exclusive benefits.

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There are various plans that you can choose or you can speak with our associate to see how can we customize our offerings for you.