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Bakson Throat Aid Tablets - 75 tab
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Bakson’s throat aid tablets have the best use in the problems related to oral and esophageal infections. 

Bakson throat aid tablets are homeopathic medicine for all types of infections in the throat. It is a perfect match for treating esophageal infections leading to pain, coughing. These infections can also result from viral or bacterial invasion in the body, such as streptococcus pyogenic bacteria causing strep throat. Homeopathic throat aid by Bakson’s works as a broad-spectrum medicine to treat all of these esophageal infections.

Bakson Throat Aid Tablet is homeopathic medicine and used for throat infections like sore throat, painful inflammation in throat, tonsillitis, cold & cough. It can also be used in dryness of throat & sneezing.


  • MercuriusIod. Ruber
  • Belladonna 6x
  • Kali. Mur. 6x
  • Baryta carb. 12x
  • Ferrumphos. 6x
  • Senega 6x
  • Ammonium Mur. 6x

Benefits and Uses:

Tonsils and sore throats also fall under the treatment range of Bakson’s tonsil aid. Some of the prolonged infections of the pharynx may lead to swollen lymph nodes as a side effect. Such types of effects are curable by the prescribed use of Bakson’s throat aid tablets. It is noteworthy to state here that these formulations are clinically proven and are prepared from 100% natural extracts. This is the reason why the use of homeopathic therapy does not have any side effects.

We assume that you have consulted a practitioner before purchasing this product and are not self medicating.
  • Cold & Flu
  • Cough
  • Ear, Nose and Throat
Very Effective in sore throat.
Cured my voice hoarseness in 2 days,
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Bakson Throat Aid Tablets - 75 tab
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Very Effective in sore throat.
Cured my voice hoarseness in 2 days,