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BANAMIN High Protein, Low GI Falafel Mix (100g x 2) | No Chickpeas | Multi Nutrient | Gluten Free
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Minimum quantity for "BANAMIN High Protein, Low GI Falafel Mix (100g x 2) | No Chickpeas | Multi Nutrient | Gluten Free" is 1.

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Vegan | Low GI | Natural Ingredients | Gluten Free | High Protein | High Fibers | Preservatives Free Falafel

Introducing Banamin's Protein Rich, Gluten Free Falafel Mix - the perfect blend for making delicious and nutritious falafel at home! Made with all natural ingredients, our Falafel mix is gluten-free, preservatives-free, sugar-free and chemicals-free, making it a healthier alternative to traditional chickpeas based falafels. Banamin’s Falafel Mix does not contain chickpeas (as chickpeas normally cause gases & indigestion in many people).

It is a combination of Peas, Green Banana Flour, Beans, Veggies and a blend of spices that give it a unique taste and texture. Peas & Beans are an excellent source of protein, dietary fibers, and minerals, while Green Banana Flour is a rich source of resistant starch, prebiotics, and essential vitamins. These ingredients make our falafel mix a healthy and nutritious option for vegetarians and vegans alike. Further, being Low GI, it helps to manage blood sugar levels, promote feelings of fullness, and support a healthy weight.

Our falafel mix is easy to use, just add water and shape them into balls or patties and fry or bake them to perfection. They make a great snack, appetizer, or meal when served with hummus, tahini, or any dipping sauce of your choice.

Say goodbye to store-bought falafel mixes and hello to Banamin's High Protein, Gluten Free, Low GI Falafel Mix. Get yours today and enjoy a guilt-free falafel experience!

Suitable For ::
Good for athletes, sports enthusiasts, fitness enthusiasts, yoga practitioners, adventure lovers, trekkers, mountaineers | Frequent business, leisure travellers | People in field job like sales, marketing, engineers, doctors, teachers | Students staying in hostel, going abroad for studies, medical college interns, resident doctors | People staying alone  

Good for Everyone in Family including growing kids | Provides energy, cheerfulness and also helps in having healthy lifestyle

How to Consume ::

Add Water, Onion, Garlic, Chilli to 100 gm falafel mix as per the instructions on packet. 

Make the dough balls. 

Use fork to make holes on the surface

Fry / bake the dough balls

Serve hot with Hummus or Chutney

We assume that you have consulted a practitioner before purchasing this product and are not self medicating.

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BANAMIN High Protein, Low GI Falafel Mix (100g x 2) | No Chickpeas | Multi Nutrient | Gluten Free
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